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4 – 2 Weeks To Go

Begin Sorting & Packing:
If you are doing the packing by yourself, start as soon as you can and at least two weeks before the move. This gives you a clear vision of the things that you can dispose and also pack those things that you do not use on daily basis. This is helpful only if there is a short time between exchange and completion.

Re-direct all your mails to the Post Office. Collect them from the Post Office. For change of address, they need seven days of notice.

Address Change:
Inform the Utility Companies as soon as possible about your Move and Change of Address.

Report your bank or banks about the change of your address. You can also transfer the accounts to a branch nearer to your new address.

Phones - Land & Mobile:
Inform all your contact providers including your Internet provider about your removal and your new address.

Get all your car or cars serviced, especially if you are moving for a long distance. Inform DVLA about your change of address.

Registration Document for Vehicles:
Make the required changes in the document and return it to.

DVLA - Swansea, SA99 1AR. - Tel: 0870 2400010

Driving Licence:
For Paper License, complete Section1 or the Paper Counterpart (D740) and your Photo Card License and add return both of them to:

DVLA – Swansea, SA99 1BN. - Tel: 0870 2400009

If you have any parking restriction in your present or new address, talk to the local authority for a temporary suspension on your moving day.

Doctors, Dentist and Opticians:
If you are moving out of the area, de-register with the Doctor, Dentist and Optician of the area and register with ones in your locality. If you are undergoing regular treatment as an outpatient in any hospital, de-register it and re-register it in your new locality. If you are a blood donor, inform the National Blood Service about your change details.

If you need Hotel Accommodation for your removal, book it in advance, more so if you are moving in summer months.

Reserve kennels or catteries for your pets in advance. Transfer all your pet records to the new vet.

1 Week To Go

TV Licence:
If you are moving your television, transfer your TV License to the new address. This will register you as a licensed user of TV. For any query regarding TV License, Call: 0870 242 3349 or you can update the same here.

TV or Video Rental:
If your TV or Video is rented, then you need to contact the Rental Company. If it is a large national firm, you can take your items to your new address and the records will be changed to your nearest branch address.

Return all your library books and also inform them about the change in address.

Inform all the organizations, magazines and charities which you subscribe about your change in address.

Close the outstanding accounts, if any and cancel them.

Soft Furnishing:
If you have arranged for the delivery of curtains and carpets to your new address, make sure that the removal company has the proper address, date and time.

You can arrange some facilities for the children to be looked after on the removal day.

3 Days To Go

Pack A Bag:
Stack this bag with Clothes, and a Survival Kit that can contain things like: toilet rolls, candles, light bulbs, matches, few tools, cash, jewelry and a list of important telephone numbers. On the removal day, lock this bag in the car.

You can do a last minute laundry. Arrange for a plumber to disconnect the washer. Some of the Removal Companies do it while for other you have to ask for the service or hire somebody.

Check the keys of your new house; keep it in a place where it is easily available. Label all spare keys and leave them so that they can be easily seen on the removal day.

An average removal van is of the size of a double decker bus. So check with your neighbors about parking.

2 Days To Go

Fridges & Freezers:
Empty, defrost and dry out your Fridge and Freezer. If you are storing your furniture for a Long Distance Removal, this is important.

Kitchen Cupboards:
Check the kitchen cupboards and dispose everything that is out of date. Make sure that all the packets, bottles and jars are tightly sealed in order to avoid spillage.

Documents & Valuables:
Pack all your valuables and documents and keep them in a safe place.

Split Deliveries:
If some or any of your furniture, need to be delivered in more than one destination, confirm the delivery date and time with the receiving party.

1 Day To Go

Try to finish your packing today, except few essentials in the kitchen and bathroom. Do not forget to clearly mark the boxes along with the room name.

Disconnect & Dismantle:
Take down all the curtains and fixtures that you intent to carry with yourself. Disconnect all electronics and computer. You need to dismantle any self-assemblage furniture all by yourself if you have not hired any removal company.

Snack Box:
For the next day, prepare a box of refreshments; remember that your cooker may have been disconnected or at the back of the Removal Van. Arrange for tea, coffee, sugar, kettle as everybody must be thirsty moving the house. You can also make a selection of cold drinks.

Toiletries Box:
Make a separate box for toiletries and put all the toiletries that you are not using. Leave the box open to put all other toiletries after everyone has cleaned their teeth the next day. You can then seal the bag.

Mobile Phones:
Make sure that the mobile phones are charged fully for the next days work.

The Moving Day

Send the children either to any organization or prepare a corner of the lounge for them with some of their favourite toys. Give the task of arranging their own bags for the older children.

Finish packing the toiletries box and take everything out of the bathroom.

Strip the bed:

Van Arrives:
Show the Team Leader the house and tell them what exactly will go and what not.

The Kettle:
Working for a removal house makes everybody thirsty. So keep the kettle boiling and arrange for a flow of biscuits.

Check Everywhere:
Once the van is loaded, take a walk around your house to ensure that everything is taken and loaded.

Say Goodbye:
Say Goodbye to the Removal Van. Make sure that they have the right direction and address. Take another walk round your house to see that all doors and windows are locked. Read all the meters and lock the front door.

Have A Safe & Happy Journey Now!

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