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Getting the Right Removal Company is not an easy task. Before you start the choosing Removal Company, you should be sure that your belongings are going in the right hands till you reach your new home. The success of your removal depends entirely on how good a Removal Company you choose. You may ask your friends and neighbors who have recently moved about a Good Removal Company; but that is not it all.

Hence, it is quite possible that you would like to investigate each and every minute detail of the Removal Companies before you move. But this is almost an impossible task. Nobody has this much of time to devote for choosing a Removal Company. To help you and ease your tension, given below are few topics to look for while enquiring about a Removal Company:

Insurances & Licenses:

When you choose a Removal Company, make sure that you verify its License. Make sure that the Removal Company you are hiring is Licensed & Insured. There are different ways for Licensing a Removal Company and the rules vary from place to place.

Make Background Checks:

Check to see if the Removal Company you decide on have few unresolved complains against them. Companies with more than one unresolved complaints should be avoided. You could use the Internet as a vital resource to find out about a particular Removal Company.
Even responsible Removal Companies may have complaints against them. The more removals they handle, the more is their chance for any damage. Many areas have bureaus that provide good ratings too. Check them also.

Office of the Removal Company:

While you are deciding on the Removal Company, just check that their office for business actually exists. Do not rely on Removal Companies that do not provide any office address on their website, business document or hesitate to provide any business documents or office address.
Visit the office of the Removal Company, before you finalize your deal with the Removal Company. This visit can help you to learn a lot about the Removal Company.

Residential Address:

A few of the Removal Companies operate from a residential address. The purpose is just to check the company is originally located there or not.

Yellow Pages:

Another Important thing that you should check is whether the company is listed in last year’s yellow pages or not.

Sales Person:

This is the most important of the advices. Never listen to the sales person that gives you stories. A good Removal Company with a good reputation in removals does not need to compete with others or criticize other Removal Companies.


If you are removing to a new place, you might need certain special documents. Make sure you have these documents:
  • A signed order by the Removal Company is often required. This order protects your interest regarding the date the shipment will be loaded and delivered, the estimated cost and also the fact that the movers can collect only a per cent of the estimated cost at the time of pickup.
  • A written estimate with an itemized breakdown charges that make up the estimate of your removal cost.
  • Before your removal, insist for an in-home visual inspection of the goods you are moving. Accurate estimates can not be provided over the phone. Moreover, in practice, estimates given over the phone are lower than the actual cost of the move.
  • A "Table of Measurement". By this, it means that the estimator must create a table of all items that need to be moved. This process will be helpful in determining the size and weight of the items you are moving. If the company hesitates in giving any of this information, then you should re-consider that removal company again.

Questions To Ask:

Following is a list of questions that can be very helpful in determining your search for the Right Removal Company. When you are talking to the representative of the Removal Company, ask him the following questions:

About Estimates:

  • Ask the remover if he can come to your place, do the visual performance and then only give an estimate.
  • Ask him that the estimate that they are offering is inclusive of all prices or if it excludes any.
  • How long is the estimate valid?
  • Are there any additional surcharges, like parking problem, road access, street accessibility, delivery time restrictions?
  • Are there any extra charges for stairs and elevators?
  • What is the estimated Delivery Time?
  • Will the driver give you any prior notice before coming on the scheduled date?
  • If you decide to pack for yourself, what is the Packing Policy of the company?
  • What are the charges for any additional weight?

About Insurance:

  • The level of Insurance and its coverage.
  • Does the Removal Company offer any additional insurance coverage other than basic liability?
  • What is the process for a claim?

Modes of Payments:

  • How would you pay for the move? Is it Cash, Credit Card, Money Order or through Personal Check.
  • Do you need to pay any deposit? If so, ask whether it is Refundable or not in case you choose to cancel the move.
  • When will you pay? There are different payment arrangements, make sure that they understand the details of all the arrangements.

About Company Records:

  • Try to know how long the company has been in this business?
  • Is it a Licensed Company to do removals inside your area?
  • Is it a member of any removal related organization?
  • Enquire how many trucks they have?
  • If you are going for long distance removal, try to know does the company have interstate trucks or it uses sub-contractors?
  • Will the company perform the removal, or is it just through a Broker?
This is just the gist of what we think are necessary to find out if the Removal Company is good for you or not. But this still can proceed further. You can do your own Research and only choose a Removal Company after you have thoroughly checked and are satisfied, that you have the complete information you are looking for.

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