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For children, the greatest consolation is the security of life. They do not have to worry about anything and are happy in the fact that they always have a safe place in their home. Therefore, it is no wonder that removals can not only be painful but even traumatic for children. To help your children to cope with removals, there are a few things that you can follow:
  • The first thing to do is to prepare your children for the removals.
  • Let your children know of all your plans and all about the new place.
  • Getting to know the place before moving makes it less intimidating.
  • Let your children become familiar with all the new places that they will have to get adjusted to.
  • Never underestimate the importance of friends in your children’s life! The idea of making new friends can be quite frightening.
  • Take your kids to see the new house and school.
  • Meet the neighborhood as well as the school children to let your young ones get acquainted with someone their own age.
  • Let the prospect of making new friends be exciting enough to lessen the pain of leaving the old ones behind.
  • Young children can be very territorial. They put a lot of importance on marking out their own rooms and belongings. So, knowing that their room and its contents will be packed away may make them worried. On the removal day, make sure that your children are present with you during the packing of their rooms.
  • Let your children know where the contents of the room will be transferred.
  • If your children have some suggestions about packing their rooms, then listen patiently and if possible, follow them.
  • Maybe your children would like to pack some of their most precious belongings on their own.
  • Getting your kids involved in the removal procedures makes them feel included instead of alienated. Let the children’s room be packed in a way that will allow it to be transferred to the new house as easily as possible.
  • Once the room is set up in the new house, fill it with familiar items. Remember, kids draw comfort from the familiarity of their surroundings.
  • It is a good idea to get your children’s opinion on how the new rooms are to be decorated before you make the removal.
  • Buy wallpapers and decorations according to what they want.
  • Older children can actively help with decorating their new rooms.
  • Make the transition, from the old house to the new fun.
  • To help your children cope with change, make a scrapbook of old pictures and put it up in the new house. With time it will be easier for your kids to let go of the past.
  • A common problem that a lot of parents face while removals, is rebelliousness from their children. Your children may argue, sulk or fight with you in a desperate attempt to let things remain unchanged. In such cases, listen to them patiently and take their worries seriously.
  • Keeping your children involved on the removal process will take their mind off the worries and give you some extra help too.
  • As an adult, it is easier for you to accept changes in your life, but for children it is not so.
  • Ask your children for suggestions to make the removals easier for them.
  • Try to accommodate their wishes and get them involved in the removals.
  • Letting your children handle some responsibilities will go a long way to putting them at ease.
  • As soon as your children become adjusted to the idea of a change of life, your removal will become much easier.

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