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Access - This is actually the place surrounding the vehicle that is to be removed. It also sees whether lifts are available in the apartment or not. The consultant generally determines it as any difficulties that the vehicle might meet while being removed.

Agent - A person, a company or a member of the Van Line that the Removal Company has appointed to act on their behalf.

Air Ride Suspension - In order to help in smooth transit, these are the features on a Removal Vehicle.

Blanket Wrapping - This describes the way of packing furniture in order to prevent any damage during the removal.

Bonded Warehouse - It temporarily stores the items that have not gained custom cleared status. It generally meets the Local Custom Specifications.

Cartons - These are special boxes that are designed for packing smaller items, like Books, Hangers etc.

Chargeable Weight - The weight that is used by an airline to resolve the Air Freight Charge.

Consultant - The person, who calls at your property, talks about the particulars of your move, gives information about the Removal Company; notes everything and then provides a Removal Quote.

Container - refers to the steel containers those are used for Sea, Road or Rail Removals.

Container Storage - These are wooden containers where you load your belongings, sealed them and stacked it away.

Containerised Vehicle - These are specialized Removal Vehicles that are intended to carry storage containers that can be loaded and unloaded at your residence.

Conventional Storage - This actually means stacking all your belongings on the floor in an allocated space and is usually covered by a sheet.

Custom Approved Warehouse - Allows the storage of items that have yet not received the custom cleared status.

Corporate Account - When the employer is responsible for the removal charges.

Cost per Cubic Meter - This is the rate that is given on the probable space that your belongings will be occupying at the truck or container.

Cost per 100 Lbs - This is the rate given on an estimated weight of your belongings.

Cost per Cubic Feet - This is the rate given on an estimated space that your belongings will occupy at the truck or container.

Cost per Hour - A rate that is calculated per hour depending on the number of men and size of the truck. You will be charged depending on the time taken to complete the move.

Customs Clearance - Procedures & Regulations for casing the entry of goods into accounts.

Declared Value - This forms the basis of your insurance cover. The owner declares the value of its goods for the purpose of insurance.

Dedicated Truck / Container - The Truck or Container that only carries your belongings with move dates specified by you and the Removal Company.

Domestic - Moving within the same State, County or Country.

Exclusions - The items or causes of damage that are particularly barred from the policy. Check the insurance information provided by the company for such things, like money or jewelry.

Export Wrapping - This refers to the method of packing household and personal effects for Overseas Removals.

Ferry Vehicle - These are small vehicles that are used when access to residence is restricted. The ferry actually goes between the residence with large removal trucks and their possessions.

Fire Insurance Cover - This is meant to cover the risk of fire. Sometimes it is included within the policy and in some other cases it is stated separately.

Fixed Price Quote - This is the rate that the Removal Company Quotes for your removal. This is accurate as long as you give them accurate information.

Full Container Load - This is a container that carries only your belongings with a particular move date that is decided with you and the Removal Company.

Full Cover - This actually means detailed insurance cover. It includes Loss, Theft, Fire and Breakage. It may contain excess or deductible limits.

Groupage - If your belongings do not occupy the whole space in the container, the cost is shared and this method of transport usually saves money but it takes a longer time.

Home Packing - This is an option given when you choose to do your own packing.

Indemnity Cover - This is a special term that means to include the values of your items those are subjected to depreciation.

Inland Move - Moving within the same country, county or state.

Intrastate Move - Moving within the same state.

Local Move - Moving within the same State, County or Country.

Lump Sum - This is the rate given by the Removal Company depending on the information supplied by you. This remains accurate as long as the information is correct.

L.T.S - It is the abbreviation for Long Term Storage.

Maid Service - They are staffs that are chosen to arrange items like Clothing, Kitchen Equipment and Bedding into the cupboard.

Marine Insurance - This is the insurance that is meant to protect your belongings while you are traveling over long distances or across the water.

Materials - The term includes various materials with which the belongings are packed for safe transportation, like: Crates, Bubble Wrap, Cartons, and Removal Blankets.

National Move - It means move within the same country, usually Long Distance Move.

Owner Packing - This means that you choose to do your packing by yourself, either by the cartons supplied by the Removal Companies or your own boxes.

Packing List - You make a list of your belongings and number them. It also contains a brief general description of the item and its present condition.

Part Load - you pay only for the space that your belongings have taken in a truck or a container. This usually saves money.

Pantechnican - These are Specialized Removal Vehicles.

Pre-Delivery of Cartons - These are cartons that are delivered to your home by the Removal Company prior to their pick-up date so that you can do the packing.

Pre-Packing - Packing experts and materials arrive before the date of moving so that you can be prepared for moving with your belongings.

Private Move - The person moving will be held responsible for paying the move charges.

Professional Packing - The Packing Materials supplied by the Removal Company so that you can carry out your own packing.

Protective Pads - The method of packing the furniture to prevent any damage during the move.

Relocation Consultant - The term includes various materials with which the belongings are packed for safe transportation, like: Crates, Bubble Wrap, Cartons, and Removal Blankets.

Replacement - This is an Insurance that provides replacement of the item that is damaged beyond economical repair.

S.I.T - this stands for Short Term Storage.

Shuttle Service - These are small vehicles that are used when access to the residence is restricted.

Special Load - A Truck or Container carrying your belongings exclusively on the date specified by you and the Removal Company.

Storage Extension Insurance - This is the extension of the original Insurance Policy so as to cover also the period of storage.

Storage Modules - These are large wooden containers, where you load and seal the container and stack it away.

Storage Vaults - These are also large wooden containers where you load the belongings, seal them and stack them away.

Storage Extension Cover - In the event that your shipment is placed in the storage, you need to extend the period of your insurance, usually Marine Insurance, to cover this period also. You also need to pay an additional premium to the Removal Company for that.

Surveyor - A person who will call you, discuss about your removal requirements and also makes a note of the items that are to be removed.

Third Party Services - Some of the Removal Companies offer to arrange or co-ordinate for additional services, like Plumbers, House Cleaners, Carpenters etc.

Total Loss - Insurance for your belongings on the basis of Total Loss. This actually offers a very limited cover.

Transit Insurance - It insures your belongings while they are moving. This may be in the form of Indemnity Cover, or Replacement.

Transit Time - The time indicated between the collection and delivery of your belongings.

Under Insured - When the declared value of an item is less than its cost of replacement, it is called under insured.

Van Lines - These are group of independent Moving Companies who coordinates together throughout a country to provide moving service.

Warehouse Handling - It refers to the physical loading and unloading at a warehouse.

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