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If I ask you, what is the most common question that is associated with removals, the answer is how much will it costs? Or is it too expensive??? But you really do not need to consult people regarding the costs and expenses for your removal. Moreover, plan and budget your removal. This will certainly help you in cost cutting and enhancing your saving.

The costs of removals are definitely not a simple thing to plan. The first thing that you require to know for this is to budget your removal.

Budget Your Removal:

  • As soon as you decide on a removal, try to establish a budget for it and also try to stick to it.
  • List all the probable expenses before, during and after the removal. If you decide to hire a Professional Removal Company, try to estimate the cost for that also.
  • If you finally decide to hire a professional removal company, then your cost for removal will depend on a variety of factors, like:
    • The weight of your furniture and belongings. The more it weighs, the more will it cost.
    • The distance you are traveling and the area of your old home as well as your destination.
    • Some carriers operate only within a single area. Make sure about the route of your removal company before actually deciding on the removal company.
    • Fix the date and time when you want to carry out the removal.
    • Find out the shortest route to access your new home or apartment.
    • Plan about all your Packing and Unpacking requirements.
  • If you are planning for a removal in the peak hours, expect to pay more to the moving company, as the moving companies remain busiest during this time.

Right Time To Move

  • It is usually cheaper to carry out a removal between October and April due to weather problems.
  • Holidays.
  • Weekends.
  • First 2-3 days and last week of every month.
  • But if it is summer, then the mid months are also busy periods.

Plan For Additional Charges

  • Hotel room. Suppose you need to stay when your belongings are on the way.
  • If you need to ship your car.
  • Utility fees for shutting down or turning on existing or new services.
  • A tip to the removers

Save On Your Removal

  • Self Removals: The more work you do, the less will be spent on the cost for Removal Companies. For example, if you are ready to do the Packing, and Loading and Unloading on and off the truck, it will cost you less than if you decide to leave the entire responsibility on a Removal Company. There are Removal Companies that will drive your belongings to the new destination only.

  • Cash Back Bonuses: Credit Cards and Bank Accounts with cash back bonuses can help you save your money on your removal.

  • Removal Supplies: You can even cut down your cost of removal by manipulating the Removal Supplies. Here are some suggestions on that:
    • Get affordable packing supplies by ordering them online.
    • Ask your friends, relatives and neighbors who have had removals recently to give or sell their Packing Boxes.
    • Use crumpled newspaper instead of bubble wrap to guard your breakables. This will definitely add to your savings.
    • Just take a walk around and look for the cheapest deal on Packing Taps and other supplies.
    • Use your own blankets, rags and linens instead of hiring blankets from the Removal Companies.
  • Reduce the cost of packing by packing for yourself. Follow a "You Pack, We Drive" method.
  • If you are ready to wait for a while for your belongings you can significantly save some money. Some Removal Companies give a good discount on Short-Term-Store and consolidate your moving items.
  • Eliminate as many things as you can. Take a walk round your home and see carefully how many things you can eliminate, things that you no longer use. You yourself might have forgotten about it. Eliminate them. As they will add weight and in a way cost to your move.

The Right Removal Estimate

  • The charges for Local Removals are usually based on labor and time while Long Distance Removals are usually charged depending on the Weight & Distance.
  • Besides, the Removal Charges, most Removal Companies also have some additional charges. Make sure to check with the Removal Company what the additional charges for various services are.
  • A Removal Company might charge additional charges on various services, like:
    • Packing & Unpacking
    • Long walk from truck to the house
    • Fuel Surcharge
    • Extra charge for heavy items like Piano or Safe.
    • Shuttle Service
    • Extra charge for disassembling or reassembling furniture and other devices.
    • Free Walk-up

The Written Contract

Always ask for a written contract that includes all details about their services. The things that the contract should include are:
  • List of all the items that are to be moved
  • Time of delivery
  • Their Telephone Number
  • All Costs & Charges
  • Address of Delivery
  • The Total cost figure
  • Insurance Coverage

Other Tips

  • Before deciding on the Removal Company, do not forget to get estimates from other Removal Companies.
  • Do not depend on the Quotes given over Telephone or Internet.
  • While getting an estimate, make sure that you mention all the items that need to be moved.
  • To get an honest estimate, your Removal Company must see the things that need to be moved.
  • Be sure to check that the Remover has marked all items, "Going" and "Not Going" properly on the Survey Sheet.
  • Do not rush to book the Removal Company that gives you the lowest estimate. Never accept an estimate that is lower than other estimates.
  • Do not forget to show the Removers every Nook & Corner, like: Attic, Garden, Basement, Garage, Closets etc.

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